Maintenance task planning

Maintenance task planning is a key element in modern building management. In a world where safety, efficiency and legal requirements are paramount, one structured planning essential. The constantly growing number of devices and systems in buildings brings with it increased complexity.

Coordinating maintenance tasks can become a real challenge. This is where MyBuilding24 comes in to revolutionize task planning and management for building managers and property managers by using the latest technology.

Typical maintenance tasks

Maintenance is much more than repairs. It includes inspections, building maintenance, infrastructure management, security and cleaning. Caretakers, building managers and external service providers bear an immense responsibility here. New technologies offer innovative approaches to coordinating these tasks. MyBuilding24 integrates these approaches into a powerful software solution. The versatile functions make it possible to Seamlessly coordinate maintenance tasks and to always keep an eye on the condition of the building infrastructure.

Resource planning in everyday life

Property management requires one precise resource planning to ensure a smooth process. MyBuilding24 offers a comprehensive overview of all resources and their allocations. This centralized view makes it easier to organize and make optimal use of existing resources.

From buildings to devices to people, including maintenance obligations and dates, internal/external service providers and documents – all elements of building management find their place here. MyBuilding24 creates transparency, enables efficient coordination and contributes to Increasing overall efficiency at.

All maintenance obligations at a glance

The variety of maintenance obligations in building management can sometimes be overwhelming. From safety checks to regular cleaning, numerous tasks need to be coordinated. This can easily lead to misunderstandings or forgotten tasks. MyBuilding24 provides a remedy here by offering a comprehensive overview of all upcoming tasks and obligations in the area of building management infrastructure. The software simplifies coordination between internal organizational units and external service providers. With just a few clicks, building managers can ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed on time.

Task planning and ticket system

The management of maintenance appointments is simplified by MyBuilding24. The maintenance planner as software offers a clear way to Tasks and assignment to responsible employees to create. This not only streamlines how you manage maintenance appointments, but also promotes communication among employees.

The ticket system links any problems and employees directly to the corresponding maintenance tasks.

Distribute tasks and keep an eye on them

The distribution of tasks in building management can sometimes be complex. MyBuilding24 facilitates this process by automatically assigning tasks to the appropriate employees. The software also offers an integrated ticket system that enables the creation and assignment of tasks. This not only promotes efficient task planning, but also facilitates communication between team members. The integrated traffic light system shows outstanding tasks at a glance and supports the replanning of resources if necessary. In this way, the software ensures smooth task management and contributes to the efficient execution of maintenance processes.

Document maintenance appointments securely

MyBuilding24 offers maintenance software reliable solution for secure documentation of maintenance appointments. By efficiently managing appointments and automatically reminding you of upcoming tasks, the software ensures that no important maintenance is overlooked.

The ability to access test reports and documents makes inspection easier and helps ensure compliance with statutory test deadlines. With MyBuilding24, building managers and property managers always have the certainty that their maintenance appointments are securely documented and the requirements of legal regulations are met.


The growing complexity of technologies and processes in building management requires modern solutions. MyBuilding24 faces this challenge and offers efficient maintenance software for central management of buildings and objects, precise appointment management, automatic reminders of maintenance tasks, uncomplicated inspection logging and compliance with legal inspection deadlines. From task distribution to secure documentation: MyBuilding24 supports building managers, property managers and caretakers in increasing the quality of building management. Ideal for the needs of the 21st century!

Ideal for building managers, property managers and property managers

MyBuilding24's versatile software solution was specifically developed to meet the needs of building managers, property managers and property managers. With a wealth of features and benefits, it helps take task planning and management to a new level. From central management of resources to automatic reminders of maintenance appointments, MyBuilding24 offers a comprehensive solution for the needs of modern building management. The maintenance software makes it possible to create transparency, coordinate efficiently and ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed on time. Ideal for those who want to operate their buildings safely and efficiently – MyBuilding24: Your answer to modern maintenance planning and management.

Resource planning for your maintenance using MyBuilding24

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The most important questions about task planning in maintenance

Why is effective task planning in maintenance and repair so important?

Effective task scheduling ensures timely maintenance, improves operational performance and
minimizes unexpected failures. Precise planning promotes smooth operational continuity.

How can software help with task planning for maintenance and repair activities?

Software facilitates assignments, sends reminders for upcoming maintenance, and is structured
Workflows and facilitates coordination. A digital platform like MyBuilding24 makes one possible
seamless and efficient management of maintenance tasks.

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