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The Maintenance and repair software MyBuilding24 specializes in the efficient planning of all maintenance activities in your company. Your advantages at a glance:

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Our maintenance and repair software is aimed at various industries, including:


Optimize the maintenance of your guest rooms, facilities and facilities to ensure smooth operations and increase customer satisfaction. Read all the benefits of the property management app for hotels.


Manage the maintenance of your machines and equipment to minimize production downtime and extend the life of your equipment. Read everything about the advantages of MyBuilding24 for industrial companies.

Public sector

Simplify the maintenance of buildings, vehicles and public infrastructure to ensure smooth operations and safety. Read more about using MyBuilding24 for public facilities.


MyBuilding24″ offers offices efficient maintenance and repair software that saves time and costs. With clear maintenance planning, it improves office efficiency, simplifies administration and increases productivity. Read more about the benefits for your office.

Private individuals

Stay on top of the maintenance of your personal devices, such as: B. Household appliances to maintain their performance and service life. Read more about MyBuilding24 for private individuals.

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Hotel manager Martin Wagner about how MyBuilding24 in maintenance management, equipment testing is made easier.

Our maintenance and repair software offers you a user-friendly solution to optimize your device maintenance and simplify your processes. Contact us today to learn more about our software and how it can help you achieve your maintenance goals.

The most important questions about maintenance

Why maintenance software?

Maintenance software enables the structured planning, organization and management of maintenance processes. It optimizes operations and minimizes downtime, which in turn increases efficiency. It also helps to be on the safe side in terms of liability and insurance coverage by recording maintenance measures.

What types of maintenance are there?

Different types of maintenance include preventive, corrective and ongoing maintenance. Each aims to minimize operational disruptions and maximize asset life.

What does maintenance involve?

Maintenance includes inspections, repairs, cleaning and ensuring the safe functioning of devices or systems. It aims to maintain functionality, safety and durability.

Why do you do maintenance?

Maintenance is carried out to keep equipment in good condition, extend its lifespan and avoid potential malfunctions or failures. This also ensures safe and hazard-free operation of systems.

What does a maintenance planner do?

A maintenance planner creates and organizes maintenance and its planning. He is responsible for assigning tasks and monitoring the maintenance processes.

What is the difference between maintenance and servicing?

Maintenance is the general care of equipment, while servicing has a broader focus and also includes repairs and improvements. It aims to optimize the overall performance and lifespan of the systems.

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