Maintenance and repair software for your industrial company

Optimize your maintenance management with our powerful software solution

As a practice-oriented developer of maintenance software, we understand the challenges that decision-makers in small and medium-sized industrial companies face. MyBuilding24 delivers the Solution, yours Optimize maintenance management and keep your business running smoothly.

The advantages of our maintenance software for industrial companies

Comprehensive maintenance planning

Create detailed maintenance plans, assign tasks and keep track of upcoming work.

Automated reminders

Don't miss any more important maintenance appointments. Our software automatically reminds you of upcoming tasks.

Efficient resource management

Plan that Use of personnel and materialsin order to optimally coordinate maintenance work and avoid bottlenecks.

Documentation and reporting

Capture Maintenance logs, checklists and notes digitally. Create detailed reports for transparency and traceability.

Mobile support

Access your maintenance data from anywhere, anytime. Track task completion and progress directly from your mobile device.

Adaptability to your company

Maintenance software for small and medium-sized industrial companies

We understand that these companies often have limited resources and tight budgets. That's why we designed our software to be easy to implement, user-friendly and cost-effective.

Our focus is on offering a solution that is tailored to the size and requirements of your business. You can easily integrate the software into your existing operations and use it efficiently.

The user interface is intuitively designed and does not require extensive training. We also offer tailored support and fast response times to ensure you always get the most out of our software.

Maintenance software for growing and large industrial companies

We know that industrial companies operate in different industries and have different maintenance requirements. Therefore, we developed MyBuilding24 with high scalability and flexibility. Whether you work in manufacturing, transportation, energy, or other industries, our software can be tailored to your needs.

Manage your maintenance processes optimally! You can create customized maintenance plans, assign tasks and responsibilities, and generate reports tailored to the needs of your industry. In addition, our software supports various types of maintenance activities, be it preventative maintenance, inspections or maintenance work.

MyBuilding24 can be easily adapted to your growing needs. This means you can continually improve your maintenance management to ensure the long-term success of your company.

Examples of devices that are most often managed in our software in industrial companies:

  • sprinkler system
  • Security doors
  • Telephone system
  • Data and network infrastructure
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Servers and IT systems
  • Power supply system
  • Emergency generators
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Sanitary facilities

Test our app for your business

MyBuilding24 is available for mobile devices on iOS/Android. Likewise, you can use the app as a web app on your desktop or laptop computer!

The most important questions about maintenance in industry

“What advantages does maintenance and repair software offer for industrial companies?”

Maintenance and repair software optimizes the efficiency of machines and systems, minimizes production downtimes, extends the service life of equipment and improves overall performance.

“How do I choose the right maintenance software for my industrial company?”

Choosing the right maintenance software requires considering the specific needs of the industrial company, such as customizability, asset management, reporting and integration with existing systems.

“Which functions are particularly important in maintenance software for industrial companies?”

For industrial companies, functions such as planning maintenance work, digital inventory, preventive maintenance options, failure avoidance as well as reporting and analysis are essential.

“What are the costs of implementing maintenance software in an industrial company?”

The costs for implementation vary depending on the software provider, the scope of functions and the size of the industrial company.

“Can maintenance software help reduce downtime in production?”

Yes, maintenance software can help minimize downtime in production by enabling preventative maintenance schedules, scheduling maintenance efficiently, and providing timely alerts for necessary maintenance actions.

“What role does preventative maintenance play in industry and how can software help?”

Preventative maintenance is crucial to avoid failures. The software enables precise planning, continuous monitoring, collection of maintenance histories and analysis of data for predictive maintenance decisions.

Still have questions?

We are certain: MyBuilding24 will revolutionize how you maintain equipment! We look forward to receiving your enquiry!