Device maintenance for private individuals via app

Efficient device maintenance for your home: MyBuilding24

At a time when the world seems to be becoming more and more complex, maintaining devices in your home is becoming increasingly important. With the user-friendly MyBuilding24 app, you as a private individual can easily keep an eye on the maintenance of your devices and systems and thereby save time and costs.

Definition of equipment maintenance

Device maintenance includes the regular inspection, maintenance and care of devices and systems to ensure their perfect functionality. Preventive maintenance is also very important in the context of private homes, as it helps to increase efficiency and avoid high repair costs.

What is an app for device maintenance in private households

Modern technology has made it easier to maintain appliances in the home. MyBuilding24 offers an app that also offers private households a variety of advantages.

Why should every private household have such an app?

MyBuilding24 is not only suitable for companies and large institutions, but is also extremely useful for private households. The app allows you to keep track of upcoming maintenance work on your devices. From heating systems to kitchen appliances to electrical installations – MyBuilding24 helps you plan maintenance in good time and minimize unpleasant surprises.

Clear maintenance planner

The app offers one Clear maintenance planner, which helps you keep an eye on all upcoming maintenance work. Even in a private household, various devices and systems may require regular maintenance. MyBuilding24's maintenance planner allows you to organize appointments and tasks, save time and money, and maintain peace of mind.

Digital documentation

The digital documentation of maintenance work is another important function of MyBuilding24. Instead of collecting paperwork, you can digitally store and manage all relevant documents and maintenance protocols for your private household. This not only makes it easier to track past maintenance, but also offers the advantage of targeted planning of future maintenance work.

Possibility to call the craftsman directly

If a problem should arise, you can save your tradesmen in MyBuilding24 as a precaution. The app manages contact details of service providers so that you can receive support quickly and easily if you need it.

Conclusion: MyBuilding24 for private individuals

Regular maintenance of your home is essential to maintain its value and ensure trouble-free operations. MyBuilding24 is there to provide you with valuable support.

The app provides a user-friendly device maintenance solution for individuals. Thanks to the main functions such as the clear maintenance planner, digital documentation and inventory, the entire process is made easier.

With MyBuilding24 you can ensure that your devices work properly, while minimizing repair costs and keeping your home in top condition. Using the app is free for up to 10 of your devices.

Choose simple and stress-free maintenance - trust MyBuilding24 to optimally care for your home.

Try our app for your household

MyBuilding24 is available for mobile devices on iOS/Android. Likewise, you can use the app as a web app on your desktop or laptop computer!

The most important questions about maintenance for private individuals

How can I efficiently maintain my personal devices and household items using software?

Software enables digital management of maintenance for personal devices and household items. It offers a central platform for recording and planning regular maintenance activities.

How can I use software to organize scheduled household maintenance?

By using maintenance software, you can systematically organize and plan planned maintenance work in the household. The software provides features to create and track maintenance schedules for various household appliances and items.

What tips are there for using maintenance software to extend the life of my personal belongings?

The maintenance software allows you to create regular maintenance schedules and tasks for personal items. Carrying out maintenance procedures in a timely manner according to the instructions can extend the life of these items.

How can I use maintenance software to increase my home's energy efficiency?

Maintenance software provides the ability to schedule regular maintenance for home appliances and systems. Through regular maintenance and checking of the devices, energy losses can be minimized and the energy efficiency in the house can be increased.

Still have questions?

We are certain: MyBuilding24 will revolutionize how you maintain equipment! We look forward to receiving your enquiry!