Property management software for hotels

In the hectic world of hotel operations, seamless coordination and maintenance is critical. With the advanced property management software MyBuilding24, hotels can not only save time and costs, but also increase guest satisfaction.

Guest satisfaction and well-being increase when hotel processes are optimized. Hoteliers can reduce costs through numerous, tried-and-tested functions and advantages of MyBuilding24!

Why does a hotel need this software?

Maintenance and repair software like MyBuilding24 is a key to Increased efficiency in hotel operations. Through preventive maintenance and planned repairs, potential hotel facility management issues can be identified and resolved in advance. This not only contributes to the optimal functioning of the equipment, but also promotes the paradigm of planned and preventative rather than reactive maintenance.

preventive maintenance

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is the key to catching problems at an early stage before they result in costly downtime. Hotels that rely on preventative maintenance not only benefit from the longer lifespan of their equipment, but also from increased efficiency and satisfied guests.

Why is preventative maintenance important for hotels?

Regular and preventative maintenance of hotel facilities not only ensures longer equipment life but also improves their performance. With MyBuilding24 you can easily keep appointments for regular inspections. Additionally, problems can be identified early, increasing employee and operational efficiency, avoiding costly downtime and ensuring your guests enjoy a smooth stay.

What options does the software offer for preventative maintenance?

MyBuilding24 offers a range of preventive maintenance tools, including regular inspection and maintenance scheduling. Reports can be created for individual objects or entire units to maintain a comprehensive overview of all upcoming maintenance.

Always keep an eye on your maintenance requirements through a digital, central inventory and create recurring maintenance plans digital maintenance planner with ease. MyBuilding24 provides the perfect foundation for the benefits of preventative maintenance.

What does a property management app do for hotels?

Clear maintenance planner for your hotel

MyBuilding24's clear maintenance planner improves hotel maintenance by optimizing planning and management. The software makes it easy to assign tasks, schedule and monitor maintenance work.

Cost- and time-optimized device maintenance for your hotel

MyBuilding24 enables cost-effective and time-saving device maintenance in hotel operations. Timely maintenance of equipment through maintenance not only helps extend the life of equipment, but also minimizes downtime and increases the efficiency of hotel operations. Maintenance optimization helps prevent stressful situations from arising in the first place!

Digital inventory for your hotel

The digital inventory of devices and systems in hotels enables efficient management and maintenance. Maintenance and repair software like MyBuilding24 digitizes your entire inventory, which offers numerous advantages and opportunities for efficient maintenance planning.

Through central recording and documentation, repairs and regular maintenance can be planned and carried out efficiently.

Digital documentation for your hotel

With MyBuilding24, the completion of tasks is completely documented, which enables clear assignment of responsibilities. The digital documentation (“Who carried out which step?”) makes it easier to identify optimization potential and contributes to continuous improvement.

At the push of a button, MyBuilding24 provides you with maintenance reports that fully map the process and indicate who is responsible for what. This has numerous advantages, especially for hotels that need many employees and external service providers for maintenance tasks! This is particularly important when it comes to transparency in maintenance reports.

Task planning for your hotel

The multitude of devices and systems in hotels requires one efficient task planning. MyBuilding24 helps HR management assign tasks and enables better coordination with external service providers such as cleaning and hygiene services.

Ticket management for the property management of your hotel

With MyBuilding24's integrated ticket system, hotels can... efficient ticket management for property management tasks operate. If you have any questions or problems, tickets can be created at any time to facilitate communication with the responsible employees. Photos can be attached and problem areas highlighted while documenting the entire lifecycle of a ticket.

This system allows you to quickly and easily document problems within your hotel and delegate their solution to the relevant employees.

Possibility to call the craftsman directly

MyBuilding24 makes it possible to manage contact details of service providers centrally and, if necessary, to quickly contact the right tradesman for repair work. This allows you and your hotel staff to always have the right tradesmen on call during the maintenance process.

Typical devices that need to be maintained in a hotel

Typical equipment that requires maintenance in a hotel includes a variety of systems. This includes electric gates in the entrance area, which require regular visual inspection. With an existing SPA area, the number of systems that need to be maintained increases significantly. The law requires regular monitoring, particularly with regard to water quality.

Other important aspects of hotel maintenance include maintaining hotel equipment, maintaining kitchen ventilation, maintaining dispensing systems and ensuring the functionality of swimming pools.

Conclusion: mybuilding24 for your hotel

With maintenance software you always keep track of your maintenance needs. Through numerous useful features such as digital inventory, ticket system and regular reminders paired with unlimited users and specific user roles, you can carry out maintenance efficiently and identify problems before they arise.

MyBuilding24 makes hotel maintenance a potential and a way to make everyday life easier instead of a chore.

Test our app for your hotel

MyBuilding24 is available for mobile devices on iOS/Android. Likewise, you can use the app as a web app on your desktop or laptop computer!

The most important questions about maintenance for hotels

What are the benefits of maintenance and repair software for hotels?

Maintenance and upkeep software provides hotels with an efficient way to streamline maintenance of guest rooms, facilities and facilities to ensure smooth operations and increase customer satisfaction.

How do I find the right maintenance software for my hotel?

Choosing the right maintenance software requires a thorough analysis of hotel needs. Consider customizability, ease of use, and the ability to manage different types of maintenance.

Which functions are particularly important in hotel maintenance software?

Important functions for hotels are a clear maintenance calendar, digital inventory, documentation of all maintenance measures and efficient ticket management to manage maintenance requests.

What are the costs associated with implementing maintenance software in hotels?

The cost of implementing maintenance software can vary. They depend on the software choice, the size of the hotel and the desired functions.

Can maintenance software help improve guest comfort and efficiency in hotels?

Yes, maintenance software can help increase guest comfort by ensuring that all facilities and rooms are in perfect condition. It can also increase efficiency by optimizing maintenance processes.

How does maintenance software support the maintenance of hotel buildings and facilities?

Maintenance software supports the maintenance of hotel buildings and facilities by simplifying the planning, documentation and management of maintenance activities. This minimizes outages and improves safety and comfort for guests.

Still have questions?

We are certain: MyBuilding24 will revolutionize how you maintain equipment! We look forward to receiving your enquiry!