Maintenance and repair software for public facilities

Nowadays, the efficient management and maintenance of public facilities is becoming increasingly important. MyBuilding24 offers comprehensive maintenance and repair software that meets the requirements of public institutions.

Why does a public institution need such software?

Public institutions are faced with the challenge of carrying out regular maintenance, preventive measures and inspections on a large number of technical systems and individual systems. From visual inspections of public facilities to the replacement of wear-prone parts to comprehensive maintenance of complex technical systems – MyBuilding24 offers the solution. The software enables efficient coordination of these processes to ensure the smooth operation of the facilities.

Clear maintenance planner

Coordinating different service providers and tasks can be a challenge in public institutions. With MyBuilding24, the management of maintenance and repair work is significantly simplified.

The software offers one Clear maintenance planner, which makes it possible to record and organize all upcoming tasks and appointments centrally. This makes collaboration with different service providers more efficient. MyBuilding24 helps you to optimize the interaction between those responsible and their tasks. Whether it's about checking access points, cleaning work or winter services.

Cost- and time-optimized device maintenance

Regular maintenance has many benefits. Not only does it help reduce repair costs, but it also extends the lifespan of systems and devices. The focus here is particularly on energy efficiency – well-maintained systems work more efficiently and cause fewer failures. MyBuilding24 supports public institutions in... Optimize equipment maintenance and reduce costs, while minimizing environmental impact.

Digital inventory

The Digital inventory of all devices and systems in public facilities offers clear advantages. MyBuilding24 enables comprehensive recording and management of an entire building inventory. This digital recording and management not only simplifies organization, but also enables targeted planning of maintenance and repair work.

Digital documentation

The central recording of documentation is of great importance for maintenance in public facilities. Especially if these Digital documentation takes place, an efficient solution is available. Defect reports, checklists and inventories can be easily created, recorded and managed via MyBuilding24. This enables a comprehensive overview of the condition of the facilities and makes it easier to comply with rules and regulations.

Task planning

The Planning maintenance tasks can be time consuming in public facilities. MyBuilding24 offers numerous functions that promote efficiency and organization. The software enables the targeted assignment of tasks, the recording of status updates and transparent communication between different teams and service providers. This allows maintenance and repair tasks to be planned specifically and carried out efficiently.

Ticket management

MyBuilding24 enables one efficient ticket management for maintenance and repair tasks. The ticket system makes it possible to precisely describe problems with devices and to transparently track the progress of problem solving. From capture to resolution, tickets can take on different states to document the process and increase efficiency. This makes it easier to quickly process and solve problems in public institutions.

Possibility to call the craftsman directly

Managing contact details for service providers is essential in public institutions. MyBuilding24 makes it possible to manage this contact data centrally. This facilitates quick coordination and communication to carry out maintenance and repair work efficiently.

Typical devices in public facilities

In public facilities, a large number of devices and objects need to be maintained. These include portable fire extinguishers, public playgrounds, sports facilities, vegetation and buildings for which e.g. B. a community is responsible. Compliance with standards and regulations by the legislator is of great importance in order to ensure safety and functionality.

Conclusion: MyBuilding24 for your public institution

MyBuilding24 is the optimal maintenance and repair software for public facilities. It is industry-independent and scalable, which makes it particularly practical when it comes to working with different service providers. A clear maintenance plan enables cost- and time-optimized device maintenance.

Using digital inventory, documentation, task planning and ticket management, public institutions always maintain an overview of their processes.

Test our app for your public institution

MyBuilding24 is available for mobile devices on iOS/Android. Likewise, you can use the app as a web app on your desktop or laptop computer!

The most important questions about maintenance for public facilities

What advantages does maintenance and repair software offer for public facilities?

Maintenance and repair software offers public institutions the opportunity to increase the efficiency and safety of buildings and infrastructure, ensure smooth operation and extend the service life of the assets.

How do I find the right maintenance software for the needs of my public institution?

Selecting the right maintenance software requires careful consideration of the specific needs and requirements of your public facility. The focus should be on adaptability, ease of use and the ability to manage public infrastructure.

Which functions are particularly important in maintenance software for public institutions?

Important functions for public institutions are digital inventory, documentation of maintenance measures, clear maintenance calendar and efficient ticket management for managing maintenance requests.

What costs are associated with implementing maintenance software in public facilities?

The costs for implementing maintenance software vary depending on the software chosen, the size of the public institution and the functionalities required.

Can maintenance software help increase efficiency and safety in public facilities?

Yes, maintenance software can help increase efficiency and safety in public facilities by optimizing the maintenance of buildings and infrastructure.

How does maintenance software support the maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure?

Maintenance software supports the maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure by simplifying the planning, documentation and management of maintenance measures. This minimizes failures and increases safety and efficiency.

Still have questions?

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