Clear maintenance planner as an app: Recurring inspections are always in view and well documented

In the hustle and bustle of everyday work, regular maintenance and preventative maintenance can be neglected.

Non-standardized processes can cause maintenance traceability to suffer. MyBuilding24 is at your side as a reliable partner via a digital maintenance planner app and brings order instead of chaos into your everyday maintenance routine!

You always keep an eye on the maintenance needs for technical systems, but also everything that needs additional maintenance (e.g. trees, roof surfaces, rain drain pipes, etc.)! Well documented and scheduled.

What is maintenance planning?

Maintenance and repairs include all measures that ensure the smooth operation of (technical) systems. In addition, there are legal and insurance requirements regarding maintenance, inspection and care. Maintenance planning includes the coordination of all these diverse processes.

Integral maintenance planning is therefore not only relevant for ongoing productivity, but also in legal and insurance issues.
A maintenance plan should provide information about which system needs to be maintained, how, and who is responsible for carrying it out.

Why is maintenance planning important?

Preventive maintenance

The high level of dependency on devices usually only becomes apparent when they no longer do what they are supposed to do. The aim of preventive maintenance is to ensure that everyday work runs smoothly and to identify problems at an early stage. Not when it's already too late!

This not only allows downtimes to be minimized. Regular maintenance, for example, can increase performance while reducing costs. An example: Replacing the refrigerants in an air conditioning system in a timely manner ensures additional energy efficiency and prevents a scenario in which you and your employees could end up sweating!

A CAFM/CMMS system (Computer-aided facility management/computerized maintenance management system) like MyBuilding24 helps you identify problems early on and discover potential to reduce costs through detailed analysis and monitoring functions. So it is a great help for the preventive maintenance of your technical systems!

Benefits of preventative maintenance

A conscientious implementation of preventative maintenance and preventative maintenance literally brings out its advantages:

  • Increased energy efficiency and therefore cost savings
  • Increased lifespan for devices
  • Reduced downtime
  • Smooth operations in operation
  • Next maintenance always in view

Equipment subject to inspection and monitoring

However, maintenance also comes with a duty! The law requires numerous regular checks and regular maintenance.

It is well known that fire extinguishers are legally required to be tested - in Austria every 2 years by a certified company in the field of fire extinguishing technology. It is easier to overlook obligations that even apply to technically functional devices, such as: B. fire alarm systems are imposed. These must be renewed after 120 months at the latest, regardless of whether they are still operational.

MyBuilding24 also helps you manage inspection deadlines by providing timely reminders.

Problems with traditional maintenance planning

Planning maintenance for equipment presents companies with numerous challenges. Unless it is meticulously documented who performed what maintenance and when, preventive maintenance is difficult to carry out. The hectic daily routine can quickly give way to unstructured situations.

Just think of how frustrating it can be to have to extract maintenance information from numerous Excel documents and notes on manuals! This also makes preventive maintenance a nightmare! Ineffective, inefficient and frankly, no one wants to do it.

But this is not due to a lack of competence. New challenges require new assistance and solutions, such as those offered by digital maintenance planning with the help of MyBuilding24!

Advantages of digital maintenance planning

Digital maintenance planning with MyBuilding24 not only allows you to transfer your maintenance needs to a contemporary medium; Rather, it also offers a tried-and-tested concept of how maintenance and repair can be structured.

Comprehensive maintenance planning

Conscious digitization allows you to standardize maintenance - manage devices in one place rather than through a multitude of loose sheet collections and Excel files. By easily managing your employees within the app, tasks can be delegated to specific responsible persons.

The preventative measures are processed using checklists that are digitally signed: This means the question of responsibility is always clarified.

In addition to bundling all maintenance-relevant information for the effective implementation of your comprehensive maintenance planning, MyBuilding24 offers much more.

Automated reminders

After digitally recording a device, MyBuilding24 will continuously and promptly remind you of upcoming maintenance. Automated reminders are sent to everyone responsible via push message or email. The advantages are apparent:

  • Improved maintenance planning through timely reminders
  • Recurring inspections are always kept in mind
  • Reminders contain all relevant information and are sent directly to the person responsible

Resource optimization

Resource optimization occurs primarily when you prevent downtime and reduce costs. Improved planning represents an essential factor in promoting this. By having an overview of all the systems that need to be maintained, you and your maintenance partners can maintain all devices more efficiently at once and thus save costs.

You see: resource optimization and efficient maintenance planning go hand in hand!

Adaptability to different industries and company sizes

MyBuilding24 is characterized by its adaptability to different industries. From the newly founded start-up, about Hotels or catering companies. But also for residential complexes of a housing association, Office businesses, Public sector and big) Industrial facility. The configurability of the software allows you to use MyBuilding24 according to your requirements. Also Home owners are already using MyBuilding24 so that they no longer miss any maintenance in their home!

The MyBuilding24 pricing model depends exactly on what you need! For example, you can use up to 10 devices completely free of charge and with the full range of functions in the app. You can upgrade additional quantities of devices at any time with attractive volume discounts.

Real-time monitoring

After all devices and systems have been recorded in MyBuilding24, you have the opportunity to get an overview of upcoming maintenance at any time. This means you monitor your maintenance needs in real time, which is particularly beneficial for systems that require monitoring.

Through analysis and monitoring by MyBuilding24, the decision-making process becomes a predictable economic factor instead of a guessing game.

Reporting and analysis

Comprehensive reporting with MyBuilding24 is available at any time at the touch of a button. No matter whether you are interested in a single device or an entire building and all the devices in it. The real-time reporting is prepared for you in the common PDF format and is also optimized for printing.

For your monitoring, you will receive a short but meaningful report about which devices need to be serviced, when, what maintenance needs to be carried out and who is responsible for it. Reporting provides data that can be evaluated in the long term, i.e. concrete numbers instead of estimates. This makes analyzing your maintenance needs all the more economical!

Structure of the maintenance calendar

MyBuilding24 allows you to conveniently display all maintenance appointments in a calendar view. This allows you to make better decisions when planning maintenance. Once recorded, the device and all related maintenance goes into your maintenance calendar. This is particularly practical for planning maintenance!

The structure of the maintenance calendar shows along a timeline which maintenance is due for which device and when, so you can coordinate your appointments ideally and see immediately which measures are due soon.

However, this is just one of the many functions of the MyBuilding24 maintenance planner, which simplifies clear management and resource optimization.

Customer opinion on the digital maintenance planner

As mentioned, MyBuilding24 can be used as a digital maintenance planner regardless of industry or company size. In practice, a wide variety of customers optimize their maintenance with the app. In the following video, let hotel director Martin Wagner explain to you which advantages and added value he has particularly appreciated since using MyBuilding24:

Tried & tested

Hotel manager Martin Wagner about how MyBuilding24 in maintenance management, equipment testing is made easier.

Try our clear maintenance planner as an app

In addition to high adaptability, MyBuilding24 also offers a particularly easy and smooth start.

Simply install the app via the corresponding store on your mobile device [Links], or try the web app [Link] on your laptop or desktop: as easy as opening a website!

Test the maintenance planner as an app with full functionality without obligation! Discover how easy it is to use and how you can bring more clarity to your planning, documentation and evaluations!


Those who identify problems early also discover potential and save time, money and nerves! Preventive maintenance is not only beneficial for stable day-to-day business! It also offers potential for cost optimization, which in conclusion can become a significant economic factor.

Properly carrying out legally compliant documentation, maintenance and repair is not a given! Absolutely nothing like that 'just happens by the way'. Get started with digital maintenance planning and get help: Discover the advantages of MyBuilding24!

Typical questions in digital maintenance planning

How does maintenance software work?

Maintenance software digitally inventories your devices. They indicate necessary maintenance and the corresponding time interval. You will then receive ongoing reminders of upcoming maintenance.

Who is maintenance software suitable for?

Everyone can benefit from the benefits of maintenance software. The advantages and potential increase with the number of devices to be maintained.

What are the advantages of maintenance software?

You always have an overview of all devices and their maintenance. This promotes economical operation and prevents downtime and inefficient use.

Still have questions?

We are certain: MyBuilding24 will revolutionize how you maintain equipment! We look forward to receiving your enquiry!