Digital documentation

MyBuilding24 offers you an efficient solution for digitally documenting your maintenance processes. With our user-friendly functions relating to equipment maintenance, you can easily record and centrally manage your maintenance protocols, checklists, images and notes.

Say goodbye to paper-based chaos and manage the documentation of your equipment and maintenance digitally via MyBuilding24!

Advantages of digital documentation

Easy capture

Record your devices including their location with our mobile app on your smartphone or on your desktop/laptop computer via web app.

A user-friendly interface allows you to easily record your devices - including comments and on-site recordings, making your digital documentation even clearer and more unambiguous.

Our extensive device catalog also offers you a large selection of manuals for common devices.

Central Administration

Once recorded, your devices can always be accessed with just a few clicks. From now on, you can save maintenance logs, checklists, images and notes in a central location. Central administration and digital documentation go hand in hand: Finding all devices quickly saves enormous amounts of time in everyday maintenance.

Transparent overview

Recording the devices, the inventory, is only the first step for you improved maintenance management. From now on you can specify when which maintenance was carried out and when the next measures are due - whether based on operating hours or on a date basis!

In addition, the maintenance history can always be used to track which problems occurred with the device and when routine maintenance was carried out. This ensures a transparent overview of your digital documentation.

Complete maintenance history

MyBuilding24 helps you to fully map the life cycle of devices. So you can completed Always track maintenance measures and assign them to responsible persons. It is also possible to create reports based on the digital documentation at the push of a button.

With a complete overview of your complete maintenance history, you will now have data that will serve you for improved planning in the long term. This is particularly important as timely maintenance also promotes optimization of device performance itself.

Time saving

Digital documentation not only reduces the effort that would arise from manual documentation. Rather, it creates structure and order: once recorded, all documentation can always be located in the same way. So no more reason to sift through piles of paper and folders! An advantage that is clearly noticeable even in simple workflows.

Find manuals for devices

MyBuilding24 provides you with a large repertoire of manuals on common device types. You can also store your own digital manuals on the device if you do not find them in our selection. This not only makes finding them much easier but also saves you from hoarding countless operating instructions!

Customer testimonials

The advantages of digital documentation via MyBuilding24 have already been tried and tested in practice and are valued across a wide range of industries and company sizes. This is what users of our maintenance software say:

Tried & tested

Hotel manager Martin Wagner about how MyBuilding24 in maintenance management, equipment testing is made easier.

MyBuilding24 is available for mobile devices on iOS/Android. Likewise, you can use the app as a web app on your desktop or laptop computer!


Digital documentation saves you the hassle of storing countless manuals and maintenance logs in paper form. MyBuilding24 helps you to always have all relevant documents to hand. Intuitive and user-friendly, you can now keep all relevant information about the life cycle of your device in one place!

The most important questions about digital documentation

Why is digital documentation important for maintenance and repair work?

Digital documentation is crucial to accurately track maintenance history and who is responsible for it
to be comprehensible, relatable and transparent. This is particularly helpful when documents have to be presented during official inspections or in the event of damage to insurance companies.

How can digital documentation improve maintenance tracking and reporting?

Digital documentation enables precise and efficient tracking of maintenance measures
and rapid report generation, increasing efficiency. It also helps to map the life cycle of devices from installation to removal.

What types of information and data should be captured in digital documentation?

The digital documentation should include the date and time of maintenance, work carried out, resources,
Machine condition before and after maintenance, those responsible and recommendations for future measures
be recorded.

Still have questions?

We are certain: MyBuilding24 will revolutionize how you maintain equipment! We look forward to receiving your enquiry!